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Migrating or updating your Joomla website is a very demanding and responsible process and it is therefore very important that you entrust this work to experienced professionals to keep your information and website secure.

If your web site is built on the Joomla CMS platform and if you are looking for a secure partner for updating your system and maintaining the web site you are in the right place.

Whether you are a natural or legal person, we will provide you with the Migration or Joomla Website Updates at fair and reasonable prices. Whether it's a simple update of Joomla CMS version 3.x or a complex migration from very old versions of Joomla CMS 1.5 or 2.5 to a new version 3.x we can help.

JOOMLA MIGRATION 1.5 - 3.X. - starting from 600,00 KM

Joomla 1.5 is a long overdue story as far as support is concerned, since the last security update was in September 2013 and since then this project and version of Joomla have been running as "End of Life".

The latest version of the mentioned Joomla (1.5.26) was released in March 2012, while in August 2013 another critical security patch was created and added, which was also the last of its kind for that version of Joomla CMS 1.5.

What is the expected price for this type of migration?

This is definitely the most challenging migration process since version 1.5 is long out of use. The final migration cost depends largely on the number and type of extensions used to build your old Joomla 1.5 web site, as well as the amount of content on the webpage itself.

When performing this type of migration from version 1.5, the most logical solution is in most cases to install a brand-new template to ensure that the new web page is rendered optimally on mobile devices.

There are various options when it comes to upgrading to a new temple because there are free, premium commercial and client-side templates. Each of these options has its own advantages in terms of functionality and design, and after the meeting, we create an offer in accordance with your specific requirements strictly taking into account your budget.

If you do not have too much content on your old web site, our recommendation is definitely to create a brand-new web site with the transfer of essential content from the existing site. If you would like a new website please send us a quote request here...

JOOMLA MIGRATION 2.5 - 3.X. - starting from 400,00 KM

Like version 1.5, Joomla 2.5 has come to an end, as at the end of 2014, all forms of support ceased and there are no new security updates ("End of Life"). Following the latest update and release of the latest version of Joomla 2.5.28, it is recommended that you migrate and migrate to Joomla 3.x. Joomla 2.5 support no longer exists.

What is the expected final migration cost of version 2.5?

As with the previous version and version 2.5, the migration costs depend largely on the size and type of portal, the number and type of extensions used in the creation of your site, and these can vary up to 50%.

In any case, you will receive a fixed-price quote after detailing the analysis of your current website and its structure. In some cases, it may be necessary to install a newer modern template due to, for example, poor rendering of the web site on mobile devices or the inability to update the existing templates because the latter is not designed to function normally on Joomla version 3.x.

If you want to keep the existing version you need to contact us and we will check with the company that made the site if there is a new version that is compatible with the version of Joomla 3.x. In any case, our employees are at your disposal for any further questions and possible uncertainties regarding the migration of your site.

Another reason why you need to migrate your web site from version 2.5 as soon as possible to the latest version of Joomla CMS 3.x lies in the fact that version 2.5 is not compatible with PHP version 7. At the beginning of 2019, most hosting providers are required to switch all servers to PHP version 7 from PHP old version 5.6, as support for it ends at the end of 2019. From all of the above, moving to Joomla 3.x is crucial to the smooth functioning of your site.

REGULAR UPDATING OF JOOMLA VERSION 3.X .. - starting from 50,00 KM

Due to minor changes to Joomla versions since 3.1. to 3.8, Joomla officially released version 3.9 in October 2018 which is also the recommended version by the official Joomla community. In order to avoid security vulnerabilities, it is necessary to regularly update your system.

The current version of Joomla is 3.9.22.

Before every update of your Joomla web site, it is MANDATORY to back up the pages so that they can restore the latest version of the page in case the update does not work properly.

If you are not sure about this procedure, our team is at your disposal. Just fill out this online form and leave the rest to our expert team.
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Need Maintenance Of Your Website?

Need Maintenance Of Your Website?

You already have a website, but you need a secure partner to maintain and update it!
NESA Web Studio can also offer you this website maintenance service.
You already have a website, but you need a secure partner to maintain and update it!

NESA Web Studio can also offer you this website maintenance service.